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1) Infra-red thermographic mapping & survey with engineering enhancement.

2) Acoustic approach ultrasound inspection

  • Electrical (High voltage "above 1KV" partial discharge)
  • Mechanical (Bearing, pressure leak/vacuum leak, steam trap, valve passing and etc.)

3) EMF/TEV High voltage "above 1KV" electrical partial discharge detection

4) All in one online/offline LV/HV motor inspection and analysis using PdMA MCEMax motor tester

5) Power quality audit and analysis

6) Harmonics contents analysis and study

7) Machine/Motor/Pump vibration inspection and analysis.

  • Pump/Motor/Machine vibration diagnostic
  • Floor/Foundation vibration analysis
  • Noise survey and abatement
  • Pipe vibration
  • Simultaneous vibration data acquisition
  • In-Situ dynamic balancing
  • Precision laser allignment

8) Electrical power engineering study using ETAP

9) Heat/Energy loss detection and location (Furnace system, boiler system, electrical equipment and etc.)


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